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House of Fraser & iAdvize - a success story

By transforming web chat into a key pillar of their real-time engagement strategy,
House of Fraser have met customer care and sales objectives.

House of Fraser Success Story

House of Fraser is a British department store group with over 60 stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland. It has one of the fastest growing websites in the UK; at the start of 2016, websales represented 20% of the Group’s sales.

the challenge

  • Reduce incoming emails 
  • Improve customer happiness and the global website experience
  • Boost online sales 


  • 20% of overall contacts are chat contacts at the start of 2016, as opposed to only 5% at the start of 2015
  • 88% customer satisfaction rate for vistors who chat 
  • 29% conversion rate for visitors who chat on the House of Fraser website

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"Having worked with iAdvize since 2013, we recognise the importance of having a clear, defined and structured targeting strategy to help drive the right sort of contacts - maximising the customer experience and adding value through web chat interactions! "

Scott Bain - Head of Contact CentreOperations, House of Fraser