iAdvize at YMS2019


🤓 Gen Z Fast Facts

  • GenZ would rather communicate with a brand over a conversational platform 💬 (like messaging!) than visit physical stores

  • Gen Z makes up 32% of the 🌎 population

  • Gen Z values #authenticity and #transparency above all-else in a brand

  • They are relentlessly connected since birth and socially and environmentally aware

With this in mind, how are you planning on standing out for this generation? Conversation with independent enthusiasts is a key differentiator. iAdvize is dedicated to adding a human touch to brands' online CX through real-time, authentic conversations

Curious if iAdvize could work for you? 🦄 If we haven't connected on the the YMS mobile app yet, you can always fill out that ever-trustworthy, good-ol' dependable landing-page form here, to get the conversation rolling.



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