Black Friday - Benchmark

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Personalization is a leading buying decision factor for E-commerce conversion.  But how can you truly guarantee that every customer’s online journey will be smooth and seamless at every stage of a buying process? Learn more on deploying a conversational strategy on your website and access customer needs!


Here is a little preview of how our customers in the fashion industry are performing:


  • 😋 91% customer satisfaction rate after a chat
  • 👍 22.9% average repeat purchase rate for online shoppers supported via chat
  • 👏 17.04% conversion rate after a chat vs an industry average of 1.4%

Buzz words such as customer experience and customer-centric strategy have become extremely popular. Unfortunately, while most of the companies think of themselves as customer-centric, over time even the most successful organizations can find themselves in a trap - creating product-based silos, where domain knowledge about fashion is a key factor in decision making. This makes it impossible to harness resources across the boundaries to provide products in a way that can boost customer perceived value.


Only building a human-to-human conversation, a company can earn the loyalty and credibility of its shoppers. Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers. Download our benchmark paper to find out how to give you leads more than they expect.


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