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Diversity & Inclusion Statement:

iAdvize believes in diversity, equality, fairness, and social justice. There is no place for racism, sexism, discrimination, bigotry, or any other hate in our company or community. It is our moral responsibility to stand up against discrimination and injustice against racial minorities, women, the LGBTQIA+ community, or other marginalized groups. This past year has been tough for everyone as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing is for sure: our communities and the diverse individuals who make them up matter the most.

As we are increasing internal education around social issues, we further believe that speaking up and being an ally is something we must do. This starts with continuing to make iAdvize an inclusive workplace. We believe that our team is stronger when our differences are celebrated and supported. A diverse team allows us to continue doing what we do best, focusing on conversation. That’s why we want to increase the conversation from our company around important issues. As we do this, our conversational platform is able to maintain the goal of providing unbiased support and ensure all users feel comfortable throughout the customer experience.

Pride Month
This June, iAdvize is recognizing and celebrating Pride Month through internal education initiatives. We are partnering with Boston Pride in order to support our local LGBTQIA+ community and provide a safe space for employees. Additionally, we are hosting an internal educational conference with SpeakOUT Boston on June 24th to hear about workplace inclusivity in the LGBTQIA+ space and continue our learning.
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Virtual Pride Conference
iAdvize worked with local organization SpeakOUT Boston to host a virtual Pride event. The event featured three speakers who shared impactful stories of identity, representation, and inclusion in the workplace. We learned how to continue being an ally and creating a safe, welcoming environment.
Pride Event - iAdvize - SpeakOUT Boston
Gender Equality
Our goal is to make all iAdvize employees feel included and we can do this by supporting our diverse team and providing equal opportunities regardless of gender or identity. On March 21st, we held a Gender Equality Conference with expert Aurélie Arquier. Aurélie brought awareness to the professional gaps between women and men to help us understand how and why they happen. The conference also covered compensation gaps, parenthood and work-life balance, glass ceiling, and workplace sexism, to foster important dialogue and empower us all.
iAdvize Gender Equality Conference

Continuing the Conversation

It doesn't end with Pride or Gender Equality. iAdvize is committed to continued education surrounding all important social justice topics. We will maintain education initiatives to ensure our team is always learning and making our workplace a safe, inclusive space for all.