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Success Story - iAdvize & Renault Retail

Challenge: Provide innovative support, generate new leads & improve customer satisfaction

Renault Retail Group is the retail branch of the automobile manufacturer. In 2014, one third of Renault vehicles sold in France went through their inhouse network, generating 7 billion euros in turnover. On the website, visitors can reserve a new or secondhand vehicle. Their aim? Deliver fluid and omnichannel customer service and generate new sales opportunities for the concessions.

FR_-_CS_-_Renault_Retail_Group.pngRENAULT RETAIL uses iadvize

Download the Renault Retail case study and you will find out how the company:

  • Advise customers during complex sales
  • Engage on different channels simultaneously 
  • Accompany their visitors on mobile


  • 1st answer given within 22 seconds via chat 
  • 92% customer satisfaction rate after a chat 

Download success story:

"We deployed iAdvize to guide, accompany and advise website visitors, to remove friction in their browsing and generate more leads."
Audrey Heiser - e-Commerce Manager - Renault Retail Group