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White Paper Messaging apps, a new marketing lever for businesses

Find out how to use messaging apps to proactively engage your customers and prospects!

Book-Messaging-Apps-WP.pngBetween WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat or QQ and Telegram combined, messaging apps have about 5 billion monthly active users! And today, these apps allow us to interact with our friends and family from anywhere (on public transportation, queuing for a coffee or from the comfort of our own homes) at any time but that’s not all. 

Messaging apps have also become touchpoints between brands and their customers, allowing brands and their customers to communicate via messages, call each other, and read pieces of content. Customers can buy products or services and even book plane tickets!

in this white paper you will find: 

  • A typical day for a modern user 
  • Trends and best practices for WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Line, Slack and iMessage
  • Best practices from an iAdvize mobile developer to use push notifications efficiently 
  • Key figures and best practices for real-time customer engagement on messaging apps


Download the white paper:

"Brands must engage in conversation and make eCommerce conversational: conversations are the richest, most sincere and natural experience. They can multiply conversion rate by ten, reaching a 20% conversion rate and, above all, conversations turn out to be the most powerful lever for loyalty and word of mouth. A visitor who buys an item for the rst time on an eCommerce website will buy 2.5 times more in the 3 following months if they have an interaction with a representative of the brand."

Julien Hervouët, CEO and co-founder of iAdvize