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White PaperIndependent Experts: The 4th Generation of Customer Experience

Learn why retailers are using independent experts to respond to online visitors in real time


Savvy, independent experts are now being called upon to provide authentic advice in real-time, sharing product specific knowledge and experiences. This peer to peer engagement ensures that the online customer journey is now made up of engaging and rich conversations at exactly the right moment.

Brands collaborating with an independent pool of experts means establishing a relationship of trust as with any other service provider, so how can this be achieved and what does it look like to establish this relationship?

Within our latest white paper, we discuss why brands should strongly consider looking at independent experts in order to enhance their customer experience. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Conversion: Competitive advantage of independent experts in pre-sales?
  • Retention (CLTV) Why authentic, independent conversations are key to customer retention  
  • Authenticity and branding: how do experts reinforce two key elements of marketing?


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