White Paper
Customer experience in the age of conversational commerce

Everything you need to know about conversational commerce

white-paper-conversational-commerce.pngWhen eCommerce has an average conversion rate of more than 40% when offering a conversational experience. Because there have been many publications on "conversational commerce", we decided to compile everything you have to know on the subject in this white paper. In 4 different parts, you will discover the state of play and the challenges of conversational commerce: definition, important dates, challenges.

In this white paper you will find:

  • What is Conversational Commerce? State of play and important dates
  • Facebook  Messenger & conversational commerce
  • 24 hours in the life of a wechat user
  • What is Social Shopping and why does it revolutionize eCommerce?
  • Bricophone case study: how can you detect Business opportunities on social media?

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"Brands are facing a major challenge, that of ubiquity. Their customers expect to be able to interact with them everywhere, at any time and in real-time." - Julien Hervouët, CEO of iAdvize