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2 billion
monthly active users

Connect with 2 billion users worldwide

With 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world. Globally, messaging has become the standard way to communicate with family, friends and even brands.

By integrating WhatsApp to your customer service channels, allow users to contact you easily and for free on the #1 app that is already in their pocket!

Get your start on WhatsApp Business with iAdvize, official partner

We are an official WhatsApp business API Provider, a global community of partners selected by WhatsApp to help you launch your business on the app.

By connecting to our platform:
  • Benefit from an expedited process to register your brand's official business account with WhatsApp.
  • Your agents handle all WhatsApp conversations, as well as those from your other channels (iAdvize Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS...) within a single interface.
  • Questions are automatically redirected to the best respondent (sales advisor, customer support, on-demand expert...).
  • Take advantage of live conversational analysis features.

A reliable, personalized communication channel

Launch your brand on WhatsApp to give your customers a contact method that is:


Rely on a channel your consumers use with their friends on a daily basis.


Have a personalized conversation with each customer and prospect throughout their journey.

Tailored to your brand

Create your brand’s official WhatsApp Business profile and unique phone number.


Messages exchanged on WhatsApp are encrypted from end to end.

Rich Content

Exchange messages, photos, videos, links and documents within your conversations.

Mobile-first, premium customer assistance

WhatsApp allows you to deliver the best customer experience in a variety of ways.
Marketing & Sales
  • Need purchasing advice? Offer your prospects WhatsApp as a direct point of contact with your brand.
Customer Support
  • Respond to customer-initiated conversations via WhatsApp and automatically transfer them to the best respondents for accurate and timely responses.
  • Transfer traffic from traditional channels (call and email) to WhatsApp by offering this channel while your customers are on the phone or on your contact page.
  • Anticipate your customers' needs with QR codes on your communications materials to engage them on WhatsApp.

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