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Ibbü Product Experts Support Customers of RS Components, Boosting CSAT 89% and NPS +49 pts

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In France, for the last three years, the leading distributor of electronic components and industrial equipment has been supported by iAdvize.

Distance selling is in the DNA of the distributor, which started with catalogs in France more than 35 years ago. Fast forward to today, and RS Components offers a human approach to e-commerce based on advice and business knowledge.

The iAdvize conversational platform allows RS Components to provide expert and personalized answers while freeing up time for its teams to follow technical projects with customers as closely as possible. 

I met iAdvize and it was a no-brainer to use a community of external experts with all the advantages it brings us in terms of flexibility, scalability, etc.
Laurent Bouchez
Sales Support Manager France, RS Components


Staying close to the needs of a professional clientele with new digital purchasing paths

Over the last two years, RS Components has seen a significant increase in the number of active customers on its site that have converted to online purchasing for their professional needs. Faced with this transformation of uses, the distributor has been attentive to the evolution of the customer experience, particularly the maintenance of a human relationship of trust to guide through the thousands of product references. 

Providing expert answers to B2B customers looking for specialized advice
Accompany the digital transformation of the industrial supply world by offering immediate and personalized support
Stand out with an innovative customer experience
From the moment they go online, customers can find themselves a little lost and alone when faced with a choice. That's where human support is important: to help these customers who have made the transition to always have a reference point, an advice.
Laurent Bouchez
Sales Support Manager France, RS Components
The Total Economic Impact™ Of ibbü by iAdvize
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Accompany visitors thanks to the balance between human respondents with ibbü experts and artificial intelligence with the NLU bot

Because RS Components had a community of external experts to support them at their disposal, their internal teams could focus on high value-added tasks for major customers while offering all site visitors personalized support. The distributor opted for an intelligent bot for customers who needed immediate help readily available to them.
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The ibbü experts

In 2019, iAdvize helped RS Components source about 15 active experts throughout the year. They speak the same language as customers, bringing authenticity, flexibility, and scalability.

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Sales Activation

In 2020, RS Components' site deployed ibbü experts dedicated to strategic partner manufacturers. These brand specialists contribute to the quality of RS Components' online advice.

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The NLU bot

In 2021, the distributor embarked on an automation project. The bot will relieve internal teams of recurring requests and intelligently guide them to experts if needed.



Conversion increases significantly thanks to an authentic experience

The distributor quickly noticed two things: First, they noticed high customer satisfaction scores among shoppers. The second thing was that the conversion rate of shoppers accompanied by an ibbü expert was equivalent or even better than with internal advisors. The reason? An authentic conversational experience with experts who are independent of the retailer reinforces the purchase decision.
Customer Satisfaction
+49 pts
Increased sales
conversion rate after ibbü conversation
on the average shopping cart value
1€ → 8€
for every euro invested in iAdvize, RS Components earns 8€
iAdvize is a flexible, scalable solution with a great ROI. I want to emphasize this: the teams are always there to help us in a good mood. We have to rely on reliable and fast suppliers and since 2019, there is really a very appreciable constant in the reactivity.
Laurent Bouchez
Sales Support Manager France, RS Components


Future conversational commerce projects

The RS Components and iAdvize teams are working on other strategic digital projects, with the objective of further enriching the RS Components' customer experience.  


By offering solutions to meet the new expectations of its customers, RS Components continues to differentiate itself from traditional industrial distribution networks


A customer who orders for himself on his own time is no different when he's in the office on Monday morning. He wants the same experience. Working with iAdvize is how we discovered all this. We are preparing for the profound digital changes that our customers expect. We have to jump on the digital bandwagon. It's a question of survival in the years to come.
Laurent Bouchez
Sales Support Manager France, RS Components