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Philips Leverages Live Shopping Into a Powerful Promotional Tool

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Philips is the first advertiser to partner with Unify and TF1’s Live Commerce offering.

Unify is a subsidiary of TF1 that brings together the group’s digital activities (Marmiton, auféminin, Doctissimo, etc.). This large-scale operation promoting the Airfryer involved TF1, Marmiton, an influencer Studiofy (Unify), the Dentsu agency, and the Aploze by iAdvize platform, strategic partner and provider of the Live Shopping solution.

Aploze has a very stable technology. This remains the core of the reactor: without technology, there is no Live Commerce!
Klervia Bianchi
Klervia Bianchi, Director of Performance & Innovation at UNIFY GROUP


Develop a New and Innovative Digital Revenue Channel

Unify aims to provide brands with new ways to generate online revenue and build loyalty with an ultra-connected audience. Philips is looking for new and innovative channels to boost its online sales and brand image.

Develop new revenue models in line with consumer expectations
Create scalable "shoppable" content
Master the digital customer journey from A to Z
A brand that leverages a media outlet has access to an influential issuer, which lends credibility to its program and expands the audience it will reach, with higher engagement as a result.
Klervia Bianchi
Director of Performance & Innovation at UNIFY GROUP


Live Shopping Events combines key influencers, reference media, an exclusive offer, and the premium UX of the Aploze solution to engage viewers around a product that is relevant to the audience.

  1. 1
    Audience Recruitment: Brands have multiple steps that need finalization before the Live Shopping Event. These efforts include, Activation of the CRM database; Announcement on the social networks of the advertiser, the media, and the hosts, directing to a registration landing page with a reminder system for the spectators; TV amplification on TF1 2 days before the live; SMS notification 5 minutes before.
  2. 2
    A 45-minute live broadcast on the Marmiton website for shoppers to view products. The broadcast Hosts are Camille Santoro and Sarah @thebelgianblondie, food influencer and brand ambassador. The products are tested live, and a mini online store created for Philips allows users to order their Airfryer during the live show with a promo code.
  3. 3
    Once the Live Shopping Event finishes, the omnichannel publication of the replay occurs. This process ensures optimized conversion on Marmiton, Auféminin, Les Numériques to reach a maximum number of consumers even after the event is over.


An Interactive and Immersive Brand Experience That Had an Impact on Sales

shoppers reached
viewers of the live event, 90% of which are replay viewers
of replay shoppers added at least one item to their cart during the replay
The replay transformation allowed us to draw extremely rich lessons from this first operation and, above all, to understand that yes, you have to create the event, but you really have to think about live shopping as a whole.
Klervia Bianchi
Director of Performance & Innovation at UNIFY GROUP