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Download: Live Shopping Request for Proposal Template

Looking to build a top-tier live shopping strategy, but unsure where to begin? The first step is to choose a live shopping platform. With the massive number of options on the market, we've created a modifiable guide with over 50 evaluation criteria to help you easily compare vendors, ask the right questions, and choose the perfect solution for your business goals.

Live Shopping RFP template cover image

🌟 Find the Right Live Shopping Solution

Our free request for proposal template will help you source your ideal live shopping platform. Start expanding your reach and build a dedicated customer base. You'll be designing top-tier interactive live events that drive conversion long after they've ended in no time.  

🛤 Roadmap

Apprenez des consommateurs pour vous lancer ou adapter votre stratégie de Live Commerce avec succès. Les répondants attribuent la note de satisfaction de 5,9/10 et guident les marques.