3 Winning Strategies for Engaging Your E-commerce Website Visitors

This guide will share key ways to build a digital conversational strategy that captures consumer attention, strengthens your customer relationships, and ensures you aren't missing any conversion opportunities.

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AI for lead generation 📈

AI can detect website visitor intentions and proactively engage with consumers based on need. When 89% of shoppers want to connect with brands through messaging, AI helps bridge the gap in scalability and authenticity.  

Omnichannel & credibility 🔁

Omnichannel is the new norm. Consumers expect to connect with brands over the communication channels they prefer, anytime, anywhere. And yet, 60% of shoppers still say they want more guidance from brands when making a purchase.

Live shopping for customer engagement 📲

Video is a powerful tool for online engagement, especially considering YouTube alone has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors, who spend an average of 19 minutes per day on the platform. Live shopping is an immersive and interactive engagement lever that simply can't be ignored.