Fashion Industry Benchmark 2019

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It's been a tough few years for the fashion retail industry with constant rising competition along with rising customer expectations in terms of customer experience. Now is the time for retailers to listen to their hyper-connected customers and invest in their online strategy to deliver a seamless, authentic, intelligent and memorable experience. Interested to know more about how to deploy a conversational strategy on your website?


Here is a little preview of how our customers in the fashion industry are performing:


  • 😋 91% customer satisfaction rate after a chat
  • 👍 22.9% average repeat purchase rate for online shoppers supported via chat
  • 👏 17.04% conversion rate after a chat vs an industry average of 1.4%

Although hard times can be daunting in the fashion industry, it's up to you to adapt to your audience and their needs. Download our benchmark paper to find out how to turn a threat into an opportunity.


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