eCommerce champions unveil their digital CX best practices and strategies

An ongoing series of live-stream events that focus on maintaining the HUMAN connection during digital transformations. Commerce without human interactions is missing a critical piece: the lack of expertise and empathy. Humans have a fundamental need for engaging with other people. If you’re not humanizing your digital experience, you’re missing this key point! Engage with Retail, eCommerce, and CX leadership as they share their insights and actual IN-USE strategies for staying agile and cost-efficient, without sacrificing the empathetic side of consumer relationships.

Coming soon: 
◾ December 8 - James Dodkins, Rockstar CX
◾ December 15 - Pauline Bellocq, IWD
◾ That's all for 2020! Happy new year and see you in January (: 

It’s an incredibly unique climate -on both the business and personal sides of things. This series aims to deliver innovative and topical information as our way of life continues to change. Join Terrence as he engages and challenges some of the top-minds the experience world has to offer.  Tune in on your preferred social media platform including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch  - every Tuesday at 11 a.m. EST. 

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December 1, 2020

[E15] #ConvWith Olivier Changeart - The role of Sonic Branding in CX transformation

November 17, 2020

[E14] #ConvWith Marie Dubiez - How the Best-in-breed retailers are watching their customers and transforming for the new normal

November 10, 2020

[E13] #ConvWith Kristin Naragon - CX is Dead ... Long Live PX

November 3, 2020

[E12] #ConvWith Nate Brown - Lighting the CX Fire

October 27, 2020

[E11] #ConvWith Lucille DeHart - What retailers are doing to not just enhance experience, but win at holiday 2020

October 13, 2020

[E10] #ConvWith Adrian Swinscoe - Putting the Punk into CX

October 6, 2020

[E9] #ConvWith Erin Fenn - Optimizing Customer Experiences to Capture Outliers

September 29, 2020

[E8] #ConvWith Terrence Brow - Driving eCommerce Conversions with CX

September 22, 2020

[E7] #ConvWith Colin Shaw. The Intuitive Customer and humanizing their experience.

September 15, 2020

[E6] #ConvWith Shep Hyken. Amazing CX - Making the Complicated Simple

September 8, 2020

[E5] #ConvWith Nicolas de Rosen. Q4 for Retail: Lessons form the Summer of eCommerce

August 11, 2020

[E4] #ConvWith OtterBox's Patrick Waller. Fueling A D2C strategy with 1:1 engagement

July 21, 2020

[E3] #ConvWith AB Tasty's Gregory Batchelor. Digital CX and eCommerce Optimization

June 30, 2020

[E2] #ConvWith GetFPV's Roy Fung. How to boost sales and CSAT with online experts.

June 9, 2020

[E1] #ConvWith Terrence Fox and Fritz Lauer. COVID-19: Match consumer demand or lose sales