2017 customer service benchmark

Learn how to improve the performance of your customer service teams, from brand communities to savvy enthusiasts, in the B2C sector.


iAdvize has conducted a research project on the performance of customer service teams, from brand communities to savvy enthusiasts paid to intervene on pre-sales issues in the B2C sector.


For each type of agent, iAdvize has analysed their average performance in terms of customer satisfaction, ROI and turnover generated per contact.


The aim of this study is to understand the operational implementation of customer service teams and brand communities by brands, evaluate the impact of each type of agent on the company’s performance and help brands choose how to handle their contacts, particularly when complementing their traditional customer service teams to ensure availability 24/7.


in this REPORT you will:

  • Learn the different types of customer service agents and their advantages.
  • Read a performance analysis for each type of customer service agent by turnover generated per contact, ROI and customer satisfaction.
  • Understand how to complement your customer service teams to generate additional revenue.

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60% of online purchases take place during the evening or at weekends, when customer service teams are often reduced in size and less available.