Success Story: Community Messaging & Le Petit Vapoteur

How Le Petit Vapoteur multiplied their ROI with iAdvize by 4.

cas-client-le-petit-vapoteur-1THE CHALLENGE

The objective of Le Petit Vapoteur is to give its online community the possibility to chat in real-time with other website visitors, combined with the support of the customer service team.


By downloading the case study, you will find out:

  • how Le Petit Vapoteur combines Click to Chat and Community Messaging
  • what the sales impact of community chat is
  • how Le Petit Vapoteur multiplied the ROI generated with iAdvize by 4 


Thanks to its community of experts, Le Petit Vapoteur provides online support to 3 times more website visitors and doubles the turnover its generates with iAdvize. The average customer satisfaction rate for all experts is more than 90%.

Download this case study:

« The community of e-cigarette users is really active on forums and social media. Le Petit Vapoteur is a leader on this market and really wanted to give this community the opportunity to connect and get involved with community chat.» Benjamin Rose, Community Manager at Le Petit Vapoteur