iAdvize Messenger,
the Next Generation
Conversational Experience

Provide Your Visitors With an Even Richer Conversational Experience Associating the Best of Human with Artificial Intelligence 24/7.

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Support Your Visitors
at all Times

iAdvize Messenger allows you to provide your visitors with live (synchronous) and, as of now, asynchronous support via messaging. If no agents are immediately available, visitors can receive an answer to their questions a few minutes or hours later if they agree to be notified by email.

Thanks to our solution you:

optimize the occupancy rate per agent
enhance the customer experience offering maximum availability
boost your contact volume, and don't miss any more opportunities

Find out how Best Western France has doubled its number of chat conversations and developed a differentiating experience on its website with iAdvize Messenger.

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average CSAT following a conversation
incoming emails sent to customer service
increase in the reception of new requests
increase in the number of chat conversations
"Our team's high availability and responsiveness really make a difference."
Virginie Barboux - Best Western

The Best-suited Respondent to Provide the Most Relevant Answer

iAdvize Messenger gathers the best respondents within a single platform:

So Much More Than Just Text

Build a closer relationship with your visitors. iAdvize Messenger allows your customers to engage with your brand as naturally as they would with a friend. Send and receive offers, products, links, pictures, files, emojis, gifs, and much more! The more natural the conversation is, the better the customer experience, and the better your performance will be!

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Be Where Your Customers Are

From websites to mobile devices, iOS or Android apps, you can always deploy our innovative iAdvize Messenger where your customers need you the most!

An Experience Adapted to Your Brand

Segment your audience and provide a unique conversational experience. You have the power to harmonize the Messenger's appearance to fit your website or application's design through rich customization tools while maintaining the same messaging application user experiences your visitors are familiar with.