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Design state-of-the-art live events to showcase new products, special offers, and more.

Adopt a Profitable Engagement Strategy
with Conversation at its Core


Create interactive digital experiences that exceed customer expectations

With access to a constant stream of digital content, consumers crave connection and authenticity. Adopt a live video format that enriches the digital experiences your brand offers.

Enrich your online customer journey and generate revenue

Go beyond traditional product pages and strengthen your omnichannel experience by delivering live streams directly on your website and across all your social networks. Maximize your sales opportunities by reaching new audiences.

Reach your brand’s biggest fans wherever they are and build a dedicated community

Maximize ROI by offering live events that build a lasting community for your brand. Transform the customer journey with the power of post-live engagement—retargeting techniques coupled with 1-to-1 conversations with viewers.

Enter Conversational Commerce

The iAdvize 360° Conversational Platform helps brands humanize the
customer experience at scale. Through a single, unified interface the platform offers a comprehensive solution to personalized online customer engagement across the entire buying journey.
With one-to-one tools like conversational AI, messaging, and social commerce, live shopping is that one-to-many engagement piece that legacy conversational platforms can’t deliver.

Brands that integrate live shopping into their conversational strategy achieve:
7 min
average viewing time
28 %
engagement rate during live
26 %
conversion rate during live

Discover Live Shopping
with Aploze by iAdvize

Create a comprehensive, immersive conversational experience.
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Build Your Audience Before the Event

Get the word out about your live shopping event long before you go live. We help you build a comprehensive promotional plan that includes engaging teaser content, an event countdown and replay page, and easy registration through text and calendar alert opt-ins.

icon Dedicated landing page

Announce the event on your website with a customizable landing page that includes a countdown, the product catalog, and exclusive sneak peeks.

icon Text and calendar alerts

Your audience registers for your event by simply opting in to text or calendar alerts. This consent allows you to collect customer data in accordance with data privacy regulations.

icon Teaser video

Promote your live and get your audience excited for the event with teaser videos and other content from your hosts.
Sideshow generated over $80,000 in sales with a single live shopping show.

Sideshow generated over $80,000 in sales with a single live shopping show.

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Engage Your Viewers and Drive Conversion

Offer an immersive and conversational one-to-many experience. Simultaneously broadcast your event on your website and social platforms to reach a vast audience. Drive engagement and conversion by gamifying your live shows with giveaways, polls, contests, and more.

icon Pick your live format

Get fancy with a full production team or keep it simple with our Aploze streaming application you can use right on your smartphone. Choose the video flow that suits you (portrait or landscape) and leverage multistreaming to broadcast to your other channels.

icon Your brand in the spotlight

Our unique picture-in-picture feature allows your viewers to peruse your product display pages while watching your live event. Simplify the purchase process by integrating one-click add-to-cart functionality into the event.

icon Maximize engagement

Encourage audience engagement and conversion by responding to messages in the chat and answering viewer questions as they come up. Make it even more immersive by adding polls, giveaways, contests, and surveys throughout the show.

Let Your Replay Work For You

The replay of a live shopping show gets, on average, 3-5x the audience that the live event does. Capitalize on this rich content and never miss another conversion opportunity again with our one-of-a-kind Conversational Replay feature. Place our iAdvize chat bot directly onto your replay videos so that viewers can chat 1-on-1 with on-demand brand enthusiasts who are experts on the products being displayed.

icon Unique replay experience

Offer your shoppers one-to-many engagement during your live event and one-to-one opportunities post-event with Conversational Replay. Give your replay visitors the ability to chat with an expert brand consultant in real time, while watching and shopping your live shows.

icon Key data analysis

Export and track all your event data directly from the Aploze platform. We collect and analyze your event data for you before, during, and after the livestream. Then we provide recommendations to optimize your strategy for future events.

icon Shoppable content

The replay is time stamped by product introductions to make video navigation quick and easy for viewers.
Philips leveraged live shopping into a powerful promotional tool for over 3 million viewers.

Philips leveraged live shopping into a powerful promotional tool for over 3 million viewers.


Brands Choose Aploze by iAdvize

aploze replay SOCCER.COM

2022 World Cup with Adidas launched their first ever live shopping show with massive success. Hosts Megan O’Keefe and Aaron West walked the audience through the latest Adidas drops, shared interviews from top soccer players, and held exclusive giveaways to over 1,000 viewers.
aploze replay SIDESHOW

Aploze by iAdvize Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate a year of live shopping shows with the Aploze by iAdvize platform, pop culture collectible manufacturer, Sideshow, hosted a live event for over 10,000 dedicated fans.

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