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White Paper: Banking
Customer engagement is now digital

Learn how marketplayers from the baking sectors enhance their customer experience


Just like any other industry, the banking sector is experiencing changes because our purchasing habits are also changing. Technological innovations are disrupting the way people buy and communicate.


Digital technologies have an impact on every step of the buying journey in the banking sector (access to bank accounts, subscription to new contracts, interactions with customer service, etc.). The future of the banking sector is digital, and banks are already thinking digital. On average, the number of online subscriptions to banking products doubled between 2010 and 2014.


Customer experience has now become the main priority in banking. That’s why iAdvize helps 16 key players from the banking sector to enhance their real-time online customer service. When it comes to the volume of contacts, banking is the third major sector that uses iAdvize.


in this white paper you will find:

  • How iAdvize customers in the banking sector achieve 90% satisfaction rate
  • Which customer engagement tools and strategies marketplayers in the banking sector should use
  • The Boursorama Banque success story

Download White Paper:

''We launched iAdvize to help us boost transformation, additional sales and efficiency in customer relations".

Guillaume Mézard, Front Office Manager, Customer and Sales Department